“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”


I provide therapy for individuals during pregnancy, postpartum, and for those hoping to become parents. Welcoming a baby into your life is amazing, but it can also be isolating and scary. You may find yourself missing life before baby or worrying that you aren't a good enough parent. Sometimes (often!) real life with baby does not match up with the vision we had of ourselves as parents. I encourage and support you on this journey to be healthy and whole for your children and for yourself.  If you have changes to mood, difficulty adjusting to motherhood, feel distant from your baby, or want support in processing a traumatic birth experience,  I can help.  In our work, you can reconnect to your bodies, learn to understand and cope with changes to mood, build a support network, and feel more able to handle the demands of parenthood with confidence.  I also hold space for parents who are grieving a loss or struggling with fertility. Contact the office if you or someone in your family would like support with postpartum depression or perinatal support.