“You can learn many things from your children. How much patience you have, for instance.” - Franklin P. Jones


These sessions are for parents that are already feeling pretty positive about their family, but feel that they would benefit from some parent coaching and support. During these sessions, we can learn more about your parenting style and how that does (or doesn’t) fit with your child’s personality. I can support you around building your own awareness and making effective, positive changes in your parenting methods. You can learn how to better pick up on your child’s cues, set a routine, and connect and redirect in a way that fosters a closer, more trusting relationship. Usually consisting of 2 sessions, additional sessions can be added if needed.  During the first session we will identify the specific concerns that you have and come up with several strategies to try. The follow up session will review the progress. At that time, adjustments or additional strategies may be suggested.